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Wuxi WeiShiTong Machine Co Ltd WST founded in 2008 located in the hometown of fish meters of wuxi jiangsu province near the taihu lake scenic area 10 kilometers away from downtown Convenient transportation beautiful scenery and pleasant climate Our company is the professional manufacturer of all kinds of special equipments So far WeiShiTong employs about 100 workers Main exporter markets are North America Western Europe Eastern Europe South America etc Our service is including heating cooling dehydrating composing storing separating and transporting the medium like paper pulp oil chemical foodstuff water air materia medica and assemble on site We are doing the best on production and service...

Categories and Products

Heat Exchanger

Fixed Tube Sheet Heat Exchanger Design Accurate Temperature Control Volume Type Heat Exchanger High Exchange Efficiency Volume Type Heat Exchanger Easy Cleaning And Maintenance Fin Tube Heat Exchanger 100% Pressure Test Fin Copper Tube Heat Exchanger Height Fin Tube Radiator For Heat Exchanger System Water Pipe Fin Copper Tube Heat Exchanger Stainless Steel Air Heat Exchanger For Industrial High Quality Fixed Tube Sheet Heat Exchanger Industry Steel Plate Heat Exchanger On-dismountable Spiral-plate Heat Exchanger Shell And Tube Heat Exchanger Double-layer Shell Tube Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger High Efficiency Shell And Tube Heat Exchanger Easy Installation Durable Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger High-pressure Applications Shell And Tube Heat Exchanger Exquisite Design Heat Exchanger Shell And Tube Variable Liquid Flow Rate Air Cooler For Industry Evaporative Air Cooler Heat Exchanger Long Service Life Air Heat Exchanger 


20 Cubic Heating Stainless Steel Outer Coil Reactor Small Heating Stainless Steel Type Reactor Stainless Steel Industrial Stirred Tank 5 Cubic Reactor 50 Cubic Heating Stainless Steel Reactor 600 Cubic Heating Stainless Steel Reactor High pressure reactor 


Reputation Stainless Steel Separation Tower Steel Structure Cooling Chemical Rectification Tower High Strength Distillation Column Tower Equipment Stainless Steel Column Absorption Tower Desorption Column High Quality Industrial Extraction Column Condensing Tower Provide Oem Service Name Body Of Tower extraction column 


Water Storage Vertical Cylindrical Tank Small Size Vertical Cylindrical Tank Equipment New Style Water Storage Horizontal Cylindrical Tank Stainless steel tank 

General Equipment

Aluminum Melting Furnace Die Casting Industry High Quality Stainless Steel Drum Knot Machine SZG Rotary Vacuum Mixing Dryer High-Effeciency Industrial Dust Collector Machine System Air Cleaning Device Industrial Dust Collector Machine Volumetric heat exchanger condensation Crystal slicer 

Complete Set Of Equipment

Stainless Steel Liquid Processing Type Fermenter Equipment Standard Type Jacket Fermenter Tank Series Pulp Mill Cooking Mot Fermenter Tank 30L High Quality Stainless Steel Fermenter Tank Series Methanol reactor 


Metal Types Pressing Of Pipe Elbow Joints Small parts 

Environmental Protection Equipment

Sludge Dryer 

Drying Equipment

vacuum rake dryer 

Film Evaporator

Film evaporator 

Pharmaceutical Equipment

Multifunctional extracting tank Pharmaceutical equipment 

Field Manufacturing

Field manufacturing Tank 

Air Cooler

Air cooler Air Cooler Evaporative air cooler Bimetal finned tube air cooler. 

Double Tube Plate Heat Exchanger

Double tube plate heat exchanger 

Double Effect Concentrator

Three effect evaporator 

Mechanical Vapor Recompression

Mechanical Vapor Recompression 

Shell And Tube Heat Exchanger

Shell and tube heat exchanger 

Heat Exchanger Tube Bundle

Heat exchanger tube bundle 

Epoxy Resin Equipment

Epoxy Resin Equipment 

Extraction Column

Extraction column 

Floating Head Type Heat Exchanger

Floating Head Type Heat Exchanger 



Spiral Plate Heat Exchanger

Spiral plate heat exchanger 

Fermentation Tank

Fermentation Tank 


The tower packing 

The Dust Removal Equipment

The Dust Removal Equipment 

Mixing Tank

Mixing tank 

Chemical Reaction Vessel

Chemical reaction synthesis vessel 

The Pressurized Water Machine Screw Shaft Manufacturing And Maintenance

Screw extrusion dewatering machine 

A Large Tower Equipment

Large tower device 

Stainless Steel Reactor

stainless steel reactor 

The Rotary Disc Tower

The rotary disc tower 

Boiler Boom

Boiler boom 

The Flue Gas Heat Exchanger

The flue gas heat exchanger 

Waste Water Evaporator

Waste water evaporator 

Stirred Reactor

The stirring reactor 

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